How do I join the Xango group in Kenya?
Xango Kenya flag You need to follow the instructions set out on the MangosteenForKenya website. The postal and shipping addresses when registering on the Xango site is done on your behalf as it is a specific process. The task of getting you in the business or as a customer is convoluted, we need your information to register you as Canadian distributors. IMPORTANT- Once signed up, you will be given a distributor number and login password. DO NOT GO IN THE BACK OFFICE of the Xango site and change the address or shipping. Please send all changes and registration through this site. The addresses are very important as they will determine where your product and commission checks will be sent. All checks are sent under the name registered, and are drawn on JPMorgan Chase Bank, check with your bank to make sure you can deposit those checks. Other options are being explored and will be available once we progress.
Can I enroll people in Kenya in my downline?
Yes, through using the MangosteenForKenya website. Applications sent on a weekend may process by Tuesday because of time zone differences. YOU must have a distributor number that was assigned to you. Xango is not yet launched in Kenya. We cannot guarantee Xango will launch in Kenya, you will be operating as a Canadian distributor. You as the upline will still be solely responsible for the training and education of your downline in Kenya, the MangosteenforKenya Group will only manage the importation of the product through the use of this site. At the present time, only Xango juice is available in Kenya and limited amounts of Glimpse skin care products. For special order items, please contact your group leader. We will also post meetings that are available to come and learn, and to expose your new candidates to the business.
Where is the warehouse located in Kenya?
The office is in Nairobi. The office operates Monday to Friday 8:30-3:00pm and is closed over weekends, holidays, and between Christmas and New Years. You MUST have a printed receipt of payment in order to pick up product.

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